Work With Me

Current promotional offerings include:

Product promotion or review.
Mia Bella Passions and Tracey Lee Cassin would love the opportunity to become an ambassador of your product.

Brands considered must be of content that is relevant to 'Mia Bella Passions' style of blog. 
I also promote fashion, jewellery, makeup and haircare.
Art and photography related products are promoted via Tracey Lee Cassin Art And Photography Blog.

I may require the product to be sent to me to use/test/assess before the article is written.
The product will then become the property of 'Mia Bella Passions' or 'Tracey Lee Cassin' and will not be returned.
Please do not be offended if your request is declined due to it not being considered appropriate or relevant to my reader's requirements or I have already promoted brands of a similar nature.

Collaborations will be promoted via all my social media outlets.

The front door to the 'Tracey Lee Cassin' influencer brand is via the website.

Commission photographic quotes:
I will create a art or photographic quote for you,
Personally, or for your business.

Please note that Guest Posts are not currently accepted.

For further information regarding fees and press kit please contact
Tracey Lee Cassin