Saturday, 17 October 2020

Art Is...


Vincent Van Gogh Quotes

Art is...

A shortened version of a Vincent Van Gogh quote.

On a small abstract seascape 

that was created from leftover paint on my palette.



Sunday, 4 October 2020

Sea Painting Secrets

When I paint these seascapes, often hearts appear. I say appear as they are not intentional. But then I might highlight one. Or leave the viewer to discover them. Can you see them? (Clue: There is more than one).
New Zealand Contemporary Artists
Heart Of The Crest Oil .
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Tracey Lee Cassin

This is one of my most favourite artworks I have created that is not a seascape.

But it still has an association with the sea.

From the start to finish, the process was rewarding and fun. Walking on Ohope beach a little piece of tin was poking up from the sand. Like a treasure hunt, it was dug from the sand. And it was beautiful. Bent and battered with painterly patterns from its travels in the ocean. I instantly had this vision of what I would do with it. And thus it became: "Contemplating Flight #3" - oil on tin and ply. (Private Collection) The Maori people of New Zealand admired the kingfisher for being like a watchful sentry.
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Saturday, 26 September 2020

Why I Paint The Sea


Tracey Lee Cassin

The SEA’s influence has been present throughout my life, so to paint its many forms, encapsulating the powerful energies is incredibly curative.  

Painting the SEA connects me to something beyond myself. It inspires peace and aliveness in my soul.

The viewer is offered a portal to venture into a translation of emotions through a mesmerizing meeting of colour and form.

It is an invitation to view the SEA based on my interpretation of its omnipotent impressions as well as its tranquil inspirations.


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Monday, 21 September 2020

New Artwork - SEASCAPES...

I'm pleased to share today...

Some seascapes I have been creating for a new series of works.

New Zealand Contemporary Artists
          'Rock And Splash'

New Zealand Contemporary Artists
'The Bleu's Are Part Of Me'

New Zealand Contemporary Artists
'Midnight Wave Dancer'

New Zealand Contemporary Artists
'Untethered Sea'

New Zealand Contemporary Artists
'Shoreline Lace'

New Zealand Contemporary Artists
'Light In The Tunnel'

New Zealand Contemporary Artists
'Sapphire Sea'

New Zealand Contemporary Artists
'Bed Of Neptune'

Please contact me via 
for expressions of interest, more details about the above works or commissions of similar sea paintings.

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