Love my Tracey Lee Cassin art, we have a few of her pieces throughout the house and am always getting comments asking who painted them.
-Brenna Thompson
(New Zealand)

Tracey did amazing photos for Julie & Myself. She was incredibly easy to work with and we couldn't be happier with our photos!
We will most definitely continue to use Tracey for our next photo shoot.
- Monique Pettifer
(New Zealand)

The artwork of Tracey Lee Cassin is beyond brilliant and the painting I received from her studio is the most important piece of art that I own! 
Not only is Tracey an amazing artist, but she is also a valuable & cherished friend.
I have admired her work for years and I guarantee that I will be acquiring several more of her deeply expressive & unique creations well into the future.
Thank you for sharing your talent with the world Tracey! 
- Kevin John Goff