Saturday, 29 May 2021

AquArs Milano Italy Virtual Exhibition


Virtual Exhibition.


I'm thrilled to have been invited International Artist to exhibit with Art Space Gallery in Milano, Italy, in their water exhibition.

The physical gallery is closed due to Covid restrictions so the exhibition is presented in a virtual format.

New Zealand Artist

The work I have in the exhibition is called Oceans Beat.

Painted in oil.


The story behind this artwork is:

The 'Oceans Beat' encapsulates the layers and beauty of the oceans water.

From sky to horizon, the tumultuous waves to the glimpse of the kaleidoscope of colours that are found beneath.

Painted in a rich dark colour palette,

my aim is to offer a contemporary view of the oceans liquidity power and movement within the water.


Visit the exhibition here:


Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Tracey Lee Cassin
Tracey Lee Cassin
Chris Hopkins
Chris Hopkins

My multi-arts collaboration currently in progress with UK composer, conductor and pianist Chris Hopkins (A.R.A.M - Associate of the Royal Academy of Music) in his 'Impressions' project is now at draft video stage.

It is where we combine the arts - the piano music that he has specifically composed to powerfully express in music the emotions I have captured in my images.
Watch this space - it's coming soon!
Chris's photograph is by Hannah Hutchins.
#emotions #videoproject

Friday, 23 April 2021


New Zealand artists


Photography Digital

(International Finalist) 

Art Room Contemporary Gallery Portraiture Competition


Sunday, 18 April 2021

Podcast for SEAing Bleu Whakataa Kitea

Tracey Lee Cassin

A recent artists podcast

about the evolution of the SEAing Bleu Whakataa Kitea Exhibition.

About the artists, their processes and history.

(Blooper warning: includes the motorcycle sound effects of my Grandson who was meant to be quiet as a mouse!)

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Monday, 12 April 2021

An Emotive Creative Collaboration

Tracey Lee Cassin

I am so excited to share some more details about my multi-arts collaboration currently in progress. I have been working with UK composer, conductor and pianist Chris Hopkins (A.R.A.M - Associate of the Royal Academy of Music).  

Chris Hopkins

His 'Impressions' project has created a finality to what has been an ongoing two year personal 'Emotive Self Portrait' Series of work. It is where we combine the arts - his piano music that has been specifically composed to compliment my work of photography, painting and digital manipulation. And.... We can't wait to reveal it to you all! . Chris's photograph is by Hannah Hutchins.  
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